Who we are

Centennial Sailing Club consists of a group of boaters whose common interest is spending time on and around the water. Traditionally this was done solely with sailboats, but today we are looking to expand to include anyone that has any kind of boat or just likes to spend time on or around boats.

Sailors who are interested in getting involved can take part in club races on selected weekends. These are usually fun, low-key events. Some of our more experienced members can assist new members taking part in these events. These members will also often race at locally organized regattas, and can help newer members take part in more serious racing.

Non-racers and powerboaters will enjoy the cruises that take us throughout the Gulf Islands, Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast.

We are also a social club, and have many off-water events which have included hiking, bowling, barbecues and weekend socializing.